Jackson Hole Soda Co. Ginger Beer

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2010)

Jackson Hole Ginger Beer Last month, I purchased several carbonated beverages on my vacation through Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The last remaining drink in my fridge was a ginger beer crafted by the Jackson Hole Soda Company. I think I was saving this for last because I think ginger drinks don’t always go well with every meal. A strong ginger drink you want to take some time sipping slowly. This batch brewed verison contains “real sugar”.

4stars Wow, this is one strong ginger drink. It is a flavor that stays in your mouth long after drinking it. And the carbonation was spot on. They did a very good job with this drink. I have had a ginger beer that was so strong and had way too much carbonation, I decided to “water it down” with store brand ginger ale, just so I could drink it down. If I compared that ginger beer to salsa ratings, it would definately by hot, while the Jackson Hole ginger beer would be about a medium. I could drink it, but I did so over a couple days.

Where to Buy
Brennan’s in Madison, WI
Fred Meyer in Burien, WA (Seattle area) *** NOTE May also be found at other Fred Meyer stores, leave a comment if you can confirm that or any other location.

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  1. hi eric, just found your blog and wanted to give you kudos on your work. i look forward to looking through your archives and seeing what ya found, locally. our family is new to finding local fresh food and is enjoying getting away from the supermarkets. we planted our first garden this year, lol. anyway, i tried to find an email address for ya but couldn’t on this site, so thought i’d just attach it to a comment page. best of luck and keep up the great work! james family

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