Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Season 2 Episode 2 – Revolution Burgers

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2011)

jamie-oliver Tonight aired the 2nd episode of season 2 of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. This one was entitled “I Think I Found a Loop Hole”. Jamie has been continually denied access to any of the LA schools. Until he found a school that has a contract with the LA school district but has some freedom in which they run the school. However, Jamie learns what kind of freedom they really have, when he shows up and they won’t let him even step food in the cafeteria or the kitchen. The only thing he is allowed to do is teach a culinary arts class. He takes what he can get, and goes to teaching 9 students. It’s amazing how stubborn the school board is. They are doing everything they can to block him, so they don’t look bad, but in the process they are looking like a group of dictators.

Jamie’s other battle continues with the fast food owner. Jamie’s goal is to show him that fast food can be done healthier without being too expensive. He wants to take over the place for 2 weeks, but the best he gets is having 4 burgers that are added to the menu. He gets his meat for his burgers from a butcher, so he knows there will be no pink slime in them. As for choice of ground beef, he found ground chuck and ground round to be the cheapest (click here to learn more about types of ground beef). He goes with the chuck that contains 10% fat and is 100% Angus beef (click here to learn more about Angus beef). The burger patties end up only being 10 cents more than the fast food owner’s. Here are the ingredients of his Revolution Burgers, according to the menu seen on the show.

Revolution Burger
100% Angus Patty, Healthy House Dressing, Smashed Sweet Potato, Pinto Beans, and Lettuce on a Whole Wheat Bun.

Red Hot Revolution Burger
100% Angus Patty, Healthy House Dressing, Slow Cooked Sweet Onions, Smokey Chipotle Salsa, and Shredded Lettuce on a Whole Wheat Bun.

Green Goddess Burger
100% Angus Patty, Healthy House Dressing, Alfalfa Sprouts, Charred Smokey Peppers, and Smashed Goodess Avocado on a Whole Wheat Bun.

Stealth Burger
100% Angus Patty, Healthy House Dressing, Crispy Bacon, Smashed Cauliflower on a Whole Wheat Bun.

It will be interesting to see if Jamie has any long lasting impact on this fast food joint. I am wondering if the Revolution burgers that sell for the same price as their own most expensive burger bring in the same amount of profit. If they don’t, I don’t see them being kept around.

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  1. Marla Jones says:

    I have tried searching the internet to tonight’s recipe for the Revolution burger. I would like to make the burger but I want to substitute ground turkey. I don’t eat much beef & would love to find something even more healthy. Did he add pinto beans? If so he he cook them himself. How much do you have to cook for a pound of meat? I really would like the recipe if possible. thank you, Marla Jones

  2. The only information I have is from the show itself, so I only know the ingredients. He used the pinto beans like a spread. So imagine he cooked them until they were soften enough to spread, but as far as how many, I don’t know. If I do come across a full recipe or any more information I will post it.

  3. I would really like to see the full recipes of the revolution burgers.

  4. So would I! As of now, I only know of the ingredients he used. I felt that information could still be helpful to people, if they want to try and replicate any of the burgers.

  5. Yes! How can we get these recipes???! Its great to have the info but doesn’t really go anywhere without a recipe.

  6. On the official website for Jamie’s Food Revolution, they do post some recipes based on the episodes. As of my last check they didn’t have anything from last night’s episode. I would keep checking there to see if they post that information. Or you may find a way to contact them. I do challenge anyone that wants to try to come up with their own recipes based on the ingredients used. If anyone comes up with a recipe, I will post it on my site and advertise it on my facebook page.

  7. […] Ground Chuck Anything labeled ground chuck must contain nothing but meat from the chuck primal. This area is located towards the head of the cow. It’s where we get cuts for delicious pot roasts! It’s a pretty fatty cut, but that fat helps make a juicy burger. Ground chuck typically contains between 15-20% fat. This is the type of beef Jamie Oliver used to make his Revolution Burgers. […]

  8. johnnymoke says:

    the burgers certainly looked delish and different… I was looking for a recipe for the “salad” he served. looked like red cabbage, red onion, etc. and probably in some basic vinaigrette. any suggestions?

  9. Would *love* the recipe for this burger! Better yet, a restaurant who serves on in Kansas City! If we could get that would make me happy. ^_^

  10. I live in Kansas city and would LOVE a place that made these burgers as well. I guess we just need to figure out the pinto bean, sweet potato, and cauliflower mixtures. i guess that they make all the difference. Plus I’d love to know what’s in the HEALTHY house dressing!

  11. […] season. It has brought up the topics of pink slime and we got to see some unique burger concepts in his Revolution burgers. However it seems ABC has pulled the plug, at least temporarily on Jamie. I heard the show was […]

  12. […] show. All Dino had to do was change the beef in his burgers to the one Jamie was using for his Revolution Burgers. Jamie’s beef we know everything about where it comes from, Dino’s not so much. Dino […]

  13. I went to Patras and tried the Revolution Burger combo today (6-7-11). It’s fantastic. The smashed potato and pinto beans sort of resemble hummus. Delicious. Combined with the tasty beef patty and the special bun, it’s VERY tasty. The “salad” is chopped lettuce and cabbage with a vinegar dressing. The amount of dressing for the salad was perfect and was a nice accompaniment to the burger.

    My only “beef” is that Patras only serves Pepsi, which BLOWS compared to an icy cold Diet Coke! Otherwise, A+ on the burger and salad.

  14. Thanks for your comment. I am glad to hear from somebody who got to try a real Revolution Burger! I am also glad to hear that they remain on the menu.

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