Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Season 2 Episode 4 – Food Classes & Rainbow Salad

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2011)

Another episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution aired tonight. There was two main focuses of the show tonight: teaching kids food-related lessons and meeting with a single dad & his sons. At the school, Jamie still isn’t allowed to feed all the students. So the idea is created for him to teach more classes. This includes a math lesson for a group of students. They are each given a snack to eat that includes either a candy bar, orange, soda, or pizza. After they select the snack, they head out to the track. Depending on how many calories are in each snack, that is how many laps they have to do around the track in order to burn off these calories. Here is the breakdown for each snack:

1. Orange (62 calories) 3 laps (about 3/4 miles)
2. Soda (140 calories) 7 laps
3. Pizza (149 calories) 8 laps
4. Candy Bar (220 calories) 11 laps (nearly 3 miles!)

Jamie also taught a social studies class. He brought in several people who had health problems (many of them diabetes). Each shared their story with the students, this had many of the students in tears. This was an effective way to show the student how their food choices now, could effect them down the road.

The second side of this episode was meeting with a single dad and his two boys. None of them knows how to cook, so they end up eating fast food a lot. They determine they eat fast food 8-9 times per week for lunch or dinner. So to show them really how much fast food they are having Jamie takes them to a fast food joint, where a month’s worth of fast food is put into their vehicle (including some fries on the windshield!). They realize how disgusting this is. It gets worse when they get home and realize their house is full of a year’s worth of fast food. The father breaks down. Then Jamie sets up a challenge. He has the boys cook lunch while the father heads out to buy fast food. It took him 45 minutes to get back with the food, in that time the boys seared some chicken with olive oil and garlic, potatoes, rainbow salad (with things like carrots, radishes, beets), and salad dressing. I searched for the recipe for rainbow salad but couldn’t find that exact recipe (I found this recipe that says it is adapted from Jamie’s recipe). It cost the dad $31 for his food, and it cost $23 for the food the boys made and they had time to toss around a football before he got back. This shows that fast food isn’t the cheapest and fast option for a meal.

The episode ended with Jamie face to face with the school board. The head of the board finally answered Jamie saying why he decided to not allow Jamie to get into any schools and has now banded him from filming anything. He feels that all their food meets up to the standards they are to live up with, so they don’t need Jamie. This is sad. The standards for food aren’t good themselves, but he seems to care only about doing what he has to, not trying to improve. His concern seems to be more politics and money than what is truly good for the students. He isn’t interested in being transparent. Jamie is frustrated but not ready to give up. He plans to set up a kitchen right near the school he use to be allowed in.

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