Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Season 2 (Los Angeles) Premiere

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2011)

jamie-oliver Last night, the first new episode in season 2 of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution aired. For each new episode I will be providing a recap with my personal comments. The show is airing this season on Tuesday nights at 8pm on ABC.

Episode 201 – Maybe L.A. Was a Big Mistake
Jamie is out to tackle the food in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Problem is they weren’t exactly waiting for Jamie with open arms. They would not even let him enter any of the schools. It seems as if the school board cares more about their reputation and image than about the food they serve in their schools. If the food was good, then they should have no problem letting Jamie in. So because Jamie could not go to the food, he had the food brought to him. Kids brought in their school meals, which was mostly just a bunch of processed garbage straight out of a plastic bag.

One of the major points Jamie is trying to make in this episode is you should know where your food is coming from. He demonstrates to a group at people at his kitchen, where cuts of beef come from and how much they cost. And then introduces them to pink slime. This is basically what the meat industry has left over when they are done butchering the cow. These leftovers were once just used for things like pet food. But now it has ended up in our own hamburgers as a filler to save the meat industry a lot of money. The worst thing they do with this meat is treat it with ammonia. It was entertaining to watch the people’s faces as Jamie shared this “dirty secret”. Click here if you want to learn more about pink slime and how to avoid it.

Besides Jamie’s fight to get into the schools, he also looks at making an impact at a independent fast food joint. He tries to convince the owner to give a few changes a try, but so far he seems to be too concerned that he will lose money. The guy doesn’t know much about where his beef comes from and doesn’t seem to care. The most discouraging thing is that he says he wouldn’t serve his milkshakes to his own children, but he has no problem doing so to make a buck. I am interested to see if Jamie can make an impact in this place. We need more healthy fast food options. I get tired when I go on trips across the country or to entertainment places like ballparks and zoos and I can find nothing but fried foods without any good fresh vegetable options.

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  4. A recent purchase labeled market ground beef, was signifcantly cheaper than other ground meats labeled Chuck, Round, and sirlion all ground. At home a closer examination, something about this ground meat was not constant with what we generally buy.

    In the past I have also purchased what was advertised as deli roast beef again the cost. This looked like a patched work quilt when opened at home. The taste was something less than that of Roast Beef.
    The deli roast beef along with my other purchase listed above were deposited were they belonged in the garbage can.

    I believe both these products contained what we now know as PINK SLIME !!

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