Jones Naturals Strawberry Manilow

Jones Strawberry Manilow This is my third and final review of the Jones Naturals line of drinks. I found them at my local Big Lots store for a steal of a deal (70 cents per bottle). One of the flavors I bought was the Strawberry Manilow. The label on the 14 oz glass bottle says towards the bottom: Strawberry, Blackberry, and Raspberry, Natural Flavored Beverage with Vitamin C. The ingredient lists read like this: Filtered water, inverted cane sugar, skim milk, cream, pectin, apple and/or pear juice from concentrate, citric acid, malic acid, natural flavors, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), purple sweet potato juice extract, lactic acid, gum arabic, grape juice concentrate, purple carrot juice concentrate, ester gum, beta-carotene.

3stars This drink had a mixed berry taste with the strawberry flavor being the strongest. The taste wasn’t bad. I did not like the mouthfeel of the drink. It just seemed to watery. I would have liked something thicker, with more body. If that can be done, then this drink is truly a winner. As of now, it’s just mediocre.

Where to Buy
It was available at Panera Bread, but I don’t think you can find them there any longer. Big Lots is the only place that I know that have them. So if you see them at your local Big Lots, grab them up, as it might be your last chance.

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