Adjust A Cup

This is part of a series of posts on tools that have made my life in the kitchen easier and more productive.

One of the biggest problems I had when trying to measure ingredients is trying to measure anything that is sticky. I found my solution to that problem with an adjust-a-cup or a plunger cup. It’s a measure device that comes in a cylinder form. It was designed for being able to measure all sorts of different measurements with one device. But what it is even better for it measuring things that are sticky like honey or peanut butter. All I have to do is put my sticky mass into the cup and then push the bottom of the cup to force out the mass. It’s a lot easier than having to scrap peanut butter out of a stand measuring cup. I also got a mini version of this product for measuring small sticky masses as well as vanilla extracts and any liquid I only need a small portion of. I have seen these items available at Meijer, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Kitchen Collections (outlet store). Of course you can buy them via the world wide web .  The two that I have were both made by Kitchen Art. Check out their website:

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