Lipton Brisk Strawberry Melon

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2010)

Brisk Strawberry Melon Lipton has recently come out with some new flavors to add to their Brisk line of beverages. They come in colorful 1 liter bottles that retail for 99 cents and come in several different flavors. The first flavor that I am going to review is their Strawberry Melon. Unlike other Brisk drinks, this is not a tea, it is a non-carbonated flavored drink that is caffeine free. The drink doesn’t contain any juice and is sweetened by high fructose corn syrup.

2stars I wasn’t expecting much from this drink and that is good thing, otherwise I would have been disappointed. It’s not terrible. I think I like the strawberry melon flavor over the strawberry kiwi combo that you can find more often. With no natural ingredients, this drink naturally tasted artificial. If you are in a pinch at a gas station and need to get a drink for a good value, then this might be a good choice. Otherwise, spend your money on something else.

Where to Buy
This drink is pretty easy to find. I have seen it numerous gas stations, 7-11, CVS, and many chain grocery stores.

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  2. I love this straberry melon and my husband likes the peach green tea…..they’re an alternative to regular iced tea and I’m staying away from all carbonated drinks

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  4. Michale Edgar Davis says:

    Drinking this stuff now, it’s tastey!

  5. Pat Fricker says:

    I tried the strawberry melon and just loved it but I cannot find it any more can you tell me where to find it now please .

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