Michigan U-Pick Peach News (8/19/2010)

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We are seeing many mid-season peach varieties available across the state. Red Havens are coming near their end soon, so you better get out there this weekend and pick them. Other later varieties are ripening as we speak. Here are updates from across the state.

1. Kapnick Orchards located in Britton, MI is NOW open for u-pick. I picked there on Saturday, August 7th. Click here to read about my experience. They have Red Haven, Flaming Fury, and Bellaire peaches. Their prices are $28.00 a bushel or $15.00 for a half bushel (must pick at least half a bushel). For more information you can call them at (517) 423-7419 or visit their website.

2. Fruit Acres Farm in Coloma, MI are open for u-pick on Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd. They will have Star 86 yellow freestone peaches, sweet white freestone peaches, sweet nectarines, a few baby gold cling peaches. Cost is $.75 pound up to 35 pounds, and $.65 pound over 35 pounds. For more information you can call them at (269) 468-5076 or visit their website.

3. Erie Orchards in Erie, MI are offering peaches (cost $1.29/pound) for u-pick. They will have these varieites during the season: Red Haven, Newhaven, Glohaven, Canadian Harmony, Jim Dandy,
Cresthaven, and Red Skin. For more information you can call them at 734-848-4518 or visit their website.

4. Hazen’s Farm in Howell, MI will NOT be offering u-pick peaches this year. I was told by a friend they didn’t have a good crop, so they are only selling already picked peaches. If you still wish to contact them you can reach them at (517) 548-1841 or visit their website.

5. Westview Orchards in Washington Township, MI are CLOSED for u-pick peaches for the season. They still have peaches available for purchase, but these are already picked. They are open daily from 9am – 5pm. For more information you can call them at (866)WVO-4-FUN or visit their website.

6. King Orchards in Kewadin, MI (Grand Traverse area) have peaches ready for picking. For more information call them toll free at 877-937-5464 or visit their website.

7. Nyes Apple Barn in St. Joesph, MI is NOW picking peaches. They charge 69 cents per pound. You can either bring your own basket or purchase one of theirs. U-Picks hours are 9am to 5:30pm. Please call ahead to check on picking conditions. Their number is (269) 429-0596 or you can visit their website.

8. Overhiser Orchards in South Haven, MI offers several different varieites for u-pick. To find out what they are currently picking call 269-236-6312. You can also visit their website.

9. Frank Farms in Berrien Center, MI are now open for u-pick peaches. The price is 50 cents per pound. They currently have Canadian Harmony, PF17 & PF22 (Flaming Fury) for u-pick. For more information, call them at 269-461-4125. You can also visit their website.

10. Schultz Fruitridge Farms in Mattawam, MI is running out of Red Haven peaches, but will have late Flaming Fury and Coral Star available soon. For picking conditions call 269-668-3724. You can also visit their website.

11. Big Dan’s U-Pick ‘Em in Hartford, MI (about 35 miles west of Kalamazoo) currently has these varieties available for u-pick: Belaire, Canadian Harmony, Redkist, and Loring. They are open daily 10am to 6pm. Their phone number is (269) 621-4037. Click here for their website.

12. Lemon Creek Winery & Fruit Farm in Berrien Springs, MI has u-pick peaches available for $1.00 per pound. They have all freestone midseason varieties including Red Haven. They have some u-pick nectarines for $1.50 per pound. For more information call them at (269) 471-1321 or visit their website.

13. Stover’s Farm Market and U‐Pic also in Berrien Springs has these varieties of u-pick peaches available during the season (July-September): Red Haven, Crest Haven, Glo Haven, Baby Gold, Red Skins. To find out what they are picking today, call 269‐471‐1401. Click here for their website.

14. Tree-Mendus Fruit in Eau Claire, MI has peaches available to u-pick for 88 cents per pound. They have Coral Star, Jay Havens and Lorings available. For more information call for their Ripe-N-Ready Report by dialing 877-863-3276. Click here for their website.

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