Millstream Old Time Black Cherry

Millstream Black Cherry

Today for lunch I popped the top off of a Millstream Old Time Black Cherry soda. This 12 ounces brown colored glass bottle contains a soda pop sweetened with sugar and containing natural flavorings.

2stars This was a disappointment. It had the tartness of a cherry and was more complex in flavor than most soda pop. The problem was that it has an aftertaste that I really do not care for. I don’t even like the smell of the drink. To me to tasted like it was meant to be a diet drink, but I double checked the label, and sure enough it’s not. If you are looking for a good black cherry soda pop, give this one a try.

Where to Buy
Brennan’s (Madison, WI)

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  1. Wayne Andrew cooksley says:

    Boughgt a 6-Pack Bottle’s (Black Cherry) a few Day’s ago I forget which Store I bought it From.

    Which Sore’s in the Manchester, Iowa carried that Brind.

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