Nantucket Nectars – Orange Mango

NantucketOrangeMango I was out for dinner at Noodles & Company this past Saturday for my free birthday noodles dish. To wash down my meal, I select a Nantucket Nectar in the flavor of Orange Mango (they also had apple, regular orange, and lemonade). It came in a 17.5 oz glass bottle. It’s a fruit drink that uses cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, with some real juice (I think 20%). Orange is the dominant flavor, but the addition of mango adds another enjoyable dimension of flavor.

5stars I really enjoyed this orange/mango combo. I never thought putting mango and orange together could be so good, but the people that make this “nectar” found a perfect balance. This drink really went well with my meal and I plan to make it a regular habit purchasing this drink whenever I am at Noodles & Company. It so beats anything coming out of the soda pop dispenser.

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