Nantucket Nectars Pomegranate Cherry

Nantucket Nectar Pomegranate Cherry

Pomegranate has been all the rage lately in the United States. We are now seeing it included in many juice drinks, including one made by Nantucket Nectars – Pomegranate Cherry. This drink is 100% juice and contains the following juices: apple, cranberry, pomegranate, and cherry. I was surprised to see cranberry included on this list.

1star This drink just didn’t work for me. The flavor was bland, nothing really stood out. It was tart , probably more so than any other Nantucket Nectar I have had. Imagine this juice was a band, and Mr. Pomegranate and Mr. Cherry were part of it. Neither one of them wanted to blair out the other, so both of them played softly. This created a dull and boring band. It seems this drink was like that with the end result being some tart tasting water.

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