Niman Ranch Uncured Center Cut Maple Bacon

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2011)

When I am shopping for bacon there are a couple words that I really like to see – uncured and center cut. Uncured means that no sodium nitrates or nitrates were added when making the bacon. I like center cut bacon because it has less fat content than bacon that isn’t center cut. Now add two more words to the equation, and you have me even more excited – Niman Ranch and maple. Niman Ranch has some of the best quality meat you can buy. And the addition of maple brings a nice sweet note to bacon’s saltiness.

I purchased some Niman Ranch Uncured Center Cut Maple Bacon from Nino Salvaggio in Clinton Township. This bacon was amazing. It had a great texture and didn’t shrink up so bad as cheap quality bacon. The maple syrup added to the bacon made the bacon even more wonderful. There is some of the best bacon that I have ever purchased.

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