Original Cannoli Chips Review

Every trip needs a sweet treat.

Whether it’s to keep the kids in line for that last hour stretch or to keep our selves in check.

Every gas station is full of things for the sweet tooth. But I believe we can do better than another mass produced candy bar – the ones that you eat one but are so unsatisfied you need more or have to “King Size” it.

How about a cannoli?

I know at first this Italian pastry sounds like a terrible idea to have in the car. Can you imagine the mess the kids would make? Filing all over the back of your seats! Wouldn’t that be fun to clean up after being stuck to the back of the seats in your hot car.

However there is another way that to enjoy a cannoli that is perfectly road trip friendly – the Cannnoli chip! Yes this is really a thing, your not dreaming.

This week as a part of our on going tribute to the road trip snack we are reviewing the Cannoli chips made by Golden Cannoli. It’s time to Hit the Road Snackin‘.

Who is Golden Cannoli?

Back in 1970, cousins Francesco Bono and Angelo Bresciani started up an Italian bakery in Boston. They made cannoli shells for their bakery and eventually expanded to selling them to other local bakeries. This lead them to open up an manufacturing center to focus on their cannoli shell business.

How they got started making Cannoli chips is a pretty cool story. They were attending a tradeshow, sampling their cannoli. Quickly they were running out of samples. So they decided to break the shells apart and put them with some dip as a sample. It didn’t take long to realize how great of an idea this was and they set out to make a product – the Cannoli chip.

I love that they turned a problem – not having enough samples to share – into a brand new product for their company. For me that is motivating. When we are overwhelmed with a problem it can be the greatest opportunity for a solution that can be life changing.

Four flavors of Cannoli chips to try. Lemon was the family favorite, but we did love them all. We love the resealable bags. Most of the time we eat them in one sitting but there was occasion we didn’t finish a bag. We sealed it back up and they were still good later on.

Original Cannoli Chips Review

Golden Cannoli are the Original Cannoli Chip company. I asked my oldest daughter what she thinks of them she said “delicious and I could eat them everyday” (please note she will not be eating them everyday, but we can’t blame her for the desire to!)

The Cannoli chips come in a triangle shape with ridges making them perfect for holding dip. At home we made a dip out of 6 ounces of mascarphone cheese, 1 cup heavy cream, and 1/2 cup of powdered sugar. You could also dip them in another Hit the Road Snackin feature – Justin’s Almond Butter. Or maybe that ever popular chocolate hazelnut spread or what about some cookie butter from Trader Joe’s? Yeah you got options a plenty.

The cannoli chips have layers, like an onion or an ogre named Shrek.  and small bubbles on the inside. The texture is lighter than a cracker. In terms of sweet while they are sweet, they are not overly sweet.

These Original Cannoli Chips come in 4 different flavors.

Powdered Sugar

This is their most basic flavor. Notice I didn’t say most boring flavor. These are good and pretty versatile. In case you are worried about the powdered sugar making a mess in your car, don’t worry I don’t think they are super messy – not like a donut with powdered sugar on it that files everywhere.

For my wife eating these particularly Cannoli chips reminded her of enjoying an Elephant Ear at a carnival or fair. It’s always good when food can take you back and bring on warm fuzzies.

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Cinnamon and Cannoli totally belong together.

Cinnamon & Sugar

I love and adore cinnamon so I am all about these chips. These ones reminded my wife of a cinnamon donut, the kind you get when you go to an apple orchard in the fall and you wash it down with some fresh apple cider.

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Cookies & Cream

Move over Oreo, you got some serious combination in the chocolate cookie & cream category. These would be perfect to make a sandwich out of. For us they satisfied our chocolate cravings on our last road trip.

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In my family’s opinion, by far these were the best tasting. The flavor of the lemon was prominent and the added tartness from the lemon made for a very well rounded Cannoli chip. These were the chips we used with our homemade dip.

Road Trip Story

During our latest vacation, we got to travel along the Great River Road along the Mighty Mississippi River in Wisconsin and Minnesota. My daughter is a HUGE animal lover and loves to visit our country’s National Wildlife Refuges. At the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge we got to go on their wildlife drive and see the most Monarch butterflies we have ever seen at once. They were flying up everywhere. I was concerned I was going to hit them with my van. My wife decided to bust out the Cannoli Chips while we traveled along the drive. It was a brilliant decision.

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