Pink Lemonade Blueberry Plants

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2010)

PinkLemonadeBlueberries As we get ready to enter the dark days of winter here in Michigan, there isn’t much to do gardening wise. This is why I take this time to research some of the new varieties available on the market. Seed companies are preparing their catalog for the New Year. One of the new things available through Burpee this year is “Pink Lemonade” blueberries. As the name would suggest these blueberries are in fact, not blue, but pink. Now if you have grown or picked your own blueberries you would know that the immature berries are pink. So it appears that someone has found a way to keep the color pink, yet have the berries be ripe for the picking. Why bother in the first place with having a pink blueberry? It’s basically for looks. It looks pretty to have a bowl full of traditional blueberries and these pink lemonade variety. Do they taste any different? My research seems to say there isn’t any significant difference.

A couple places to purchase this plant from Burpee or on