Point Premium Orange Cream

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2010)

Point Orange CreamWhile shopping in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, I thought it would be appropriate to pick up a bottle of Point Premium Orange Cream, made at Stevens Point Brewery. There is a nice description on the side of the bottle that says “Point Premium Orange Cream Soda is a dreamy blend of all natural oranges flavors, smooth vanilla and real Wisconsin honey that creates a rich creamy taste. Hand-crafted in small batches, Point Premium Orange Cream Soda is a true gourmet soda – delightful and bursting with fresh orange flavor.” Things to note from the ingredient list: it was sweetened with pure cane sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup. So there is no way of knowing for sure which you got in your bottle as it comes to sweeteners. It is also said to contain “natural and artificial orange and vanilla flavors”.

3stars It was quite alright. Nothing really stood out about this drink. It had a nice orange flavor, but I have had orange cream sodas that were much creamier tasting. It was fun to pick up something locally made, I just wish there was something in it that made it stand out. Still I would rather have this than any generic store brand orange soda pop.

Where to Buy
Ski’s Meat (Stevens Point, WI)
Brennan’s (Madison WI)