Products I Like – Redmond Real Salt

I was shopping for a friend last Christmas who happens to be a food junkie and I came across this product called Real Salt. Real Salt is made by a company called Redmond. This product jumped out at me first because of the name and second because of the color of the salt. It looked like sand, it’s not just a singe white color. So decided to give it to him as part of his gift. He found it to be great on popcorn, so I bought some for myself and found that to be true. I found the grind of the salt to be perfect for popcorn and it gave the popcorn a great flavor. The salt kind of has a sweetness to it.

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  1. […] So now that you have picked out your kernels, place them in a standard lunchtime paper bag. Alton staples his bag shut but I find that everytime I just fold it shut that I never have it come open. Then I pop in the microwave for whatever time I have determined is perfect in my microwave. You will have to experiment with your own microwave. My previous microwave took an entire minute longer and left a lot of kernels unpoped. As for toppings the sky is the limit. I just stick to some melted butter and Real Salt (to learn more about Red Salt, click here). […]

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