Q&A – What Eats Bush Beans?

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2010)

Blue Lake Bush 7-14-10 Question: What eats bush bean plants?

Answer: I know Japanese beetles like to eat bean leaves. They ate my mom’s pole bean leaves into nothing last year. If they eat the pole bean leaves, I imagine they will do the same with bush beans. Traps do not work on them as it just attracts them to the area. I have heard people have success against insects with using a garlic/cayenne pepper mixture sprayed onto the leaves. There may also be certain plants you can plant that will help control insect problems. There is a great book called “Great Garden Companions
“, that can help you know what to plant to attract beneficial insects as well as keep away pests.

As for animals, I had some deer munch on the tops of my bush bean plants. Luckily they didn’t do much damage and the plants went on producing. The rabbits were much worse. They ate the leaves of every plant as it came up. The only good solution to this problem is building a fence. Or you could also try planting garlic completely surrounding your bean plants, some people swear by this.

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