Restaurant Impossible – What Restaurants Have Closed Since the Show

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2014)

Restaurant Impossible Restaurants Have Closed Failures We would like to think that every restaurant that Robert Irvine helps out is able to thrive afterward. The show itself sets you up for that. At the start of each episode the restaurant can do nothing right and in the final closing minutes all you have is raving guests and a confident Robert. Then you head on to Food Network’s site after the show (after hopefully visiting mine first) and you find that “sales are up 35%” or something like that. The reality in this reality show is that some of these restaurants ended up being failures. Below you will find a list of each restaurant that is no longer in business with a link to read my full follow-up.

Valley View Restaurant – Quarryville, PA | Read follow-up
A place in the middle of nowhere run by 3 generations of women. Not a fancy place in the least but Robert was able to add some buffet items to meet the skills they had on hand. They could not even survive long enough for the show to air as they went under within days of the airing of the episode.

The Snooty Fox – Indianapolis, IN | Read follow-up

After 29 years in business, the Snooty Fox closes it’s doors last October. Besides the decor nothing ended up really changing about this place, from what I read of people who visited after the remake.

Sweet Tea – Chapin, SC | Read follow-up

Robert succeed in bringing good sweet teas to the menu at Sweet Tea. Unfortunately that seemed to be his own success and people continued to complain about food and service up until the closing of this restaurant. The owners of this place needed a lot more help than Robert could give them.

Rascal’s BBQ & Crab House – New Castle, DE | Read follow-up

One of the first episodes and one of the most controversial. Robert found himself with a hoarder instead of restaurant owner. The back patio was so trashed it could not be used. During and after the show the owner blamed everyone else but himself. He tried to say that they rigged the place to look bad. Yes this is a TV show in charge of creating drama but there was no way they piled up all that stuff in the back and then came back and did it again after the show was over. They tried to change their name but it the need the change that really needed to happen never did and this place is as gone as the Dodo.

Longbranch Steak and Seafood – Fayetteville, Ga | Read follow-up

I should have know this place was going to close as Food Network never mentioned in their own follow-up that the sales have increased. No much is known about their exact reason for closing (cockroaches scared customers away, maybe?) but in August 2012, their website and phone number were no longer in service.

Coffee’s Boilin’ Pot – Madisonville, LA | Read follow-up

A restaurant that was run by a divorced couple, not only saw an end to their marriage but also to their restaurant. Sometime before Hurricane Issac hit Madisonville, the restaurant was closed. There were reports of flooding afterward.

The Main Dish – Meridianville, Ala | Read follow-up

The owners decided to get out while they could and sold the restaurant to someone else. They kept the Main Dish name, so there is thoughts of starting another Main Dish possibly somewhere else. For now the restaurant as it was is gone.

The Dinner Bell – Madison, TN | Read follow-up

The owner nearly came to blows with Robert and complained a lot after the show was over. One of this problems was his food costs were too high because his menu prices were so low. He didn’t want to rise them. They ended up closing their doors on April 15, 2013.

The Cap’n and the Cowboy – Port Charlotte, FL | Read follow-up

The owner really appreciated Robert’s help, but in the end the amount of rent the landlord was charging hurt them, and when another opportunity came up for the owner he decided to take it and close the restaurant down.

The University Grill – Burlington, NC | Read follow-up

The owner decided to sell the restaurant so she could go to have a more normal 8-5 job. A new Italian place is taking it’s place.

Ristorante Barolo – Aptos, CA | Read follow-up

The owner’s decided to keep their hotel business and sell the restaurant. In June 2013, a new restaurant took over.

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  1. […] The name change didn’t help as this place has joined the list of restaurants that were impossible for Robert to save.. A new restaurant called Boomers Tropical Grill has opened […]

  2. […] Follow-Up According to an article in Indianapolis Business Journal, the Snooty Fox did well after the show. But they could not keep up the momentum. The show brought them more guests, but then business just went dead. Owner Tim Queisser made the decision to close the Snooty Fox back in October, ending the restaurant’s 29 year run. The Snooty Fox is one of several restaurants were ended being impossible for Robert to fix. Check out my list of the others. […]

  3. In one episode the owner talked about being successful; but it was at buying and selling restaurants rather than operating a restaurant over time. RI invested $10,000 in remodeling the restaurant for the owner anyway. Why?
    The owner sold the restaurant almost immediately after the remodel. Don’t you feel she took advantage of you?

  4. The Whistle Stop in Hot Springs, Arkansas, which was on Restaurant Impossible in October of 2012 closed just a few months after the episode aired. For the full article, click on the link provided.

  5. susan & larry snyder says:

    Outstanding show. We have been to some places Robert should visit. Excellent advice on cooking , cleanliness and management.

  6. Italian Village in Milmont Park has closed since the show aired a couple of years ago. We did go after the reopening and some of it was good and other things awful. I was given raw chicken, sent it back, and the server came back with it and told me it was my eyesight, the chef said it was cooked. I asked for a “to go” container, went home, cooked it myself and never went back.

  7. I see all these comments about how RI didn’t do what they said they would, but common sense says this: your restaurant was in the toilet when Irvine came in to help you in a last ditch effort. The people who came in on re-opening were loving it and obviously so were the owners and their families. EFFORT comes from wanting the best, NOT from EXPECTING others to do your work for you. PRIDE is what you put into your work and that is what keeps the door open and your bills paid. Obviously you were too far gone to or didn’t want the dream any longer AND that is NOT any one’s fault but yours.

    People whine and cry about everything always wanting more and when it doesn’t work in their is always someone elses fault… strange how that is…

  8. Love Robert and show!

  9. I cant hardly wait for the show to air each week to see what rest. they are going to try and help , I see all the hard work that Robert and his stuff do with trying to get the people to wake up and do right , they don’t see how nasty their businesses are and when he is done they look so good , so to Robert and his stuff keep up all the hard work, I enjoy every minute of it thanks so much. hope you will keep it up for a long time, question you go in and put up $10,000 to help them do they ever pay any of you back for all the hard work if they do make it in the end.?

  10. Kenny gilbert says:

    I just want to know if the shows been canceled.
    It was and is, my favorite show ON TELEVISION .Can we expect new episodes anytime soon ?
    I cannot believe I’m the only fan that feels this way. Roberts the man.
    A true alpha male chef.

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