Review: Henry’s Marketplace – Mission Viejo, CA

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2011)

Henry's Marketplace I had heard some rave reviews from my mother-in-law about Henry’s. So it was one of the first grocery stores I wanted to check out during my recent visit to Southern California. My mother-in-law was right to rave about this place. Besides buying directly from the farmer, this store is the best place in the Orange County area to buy fresh produce (way better than Albertson’s or Ralphs). They have a wonderful selection with great prices, displayed prominently in the middle of the store. If you are a baker this is a great place to pick up all sorts of flours and grains. They sell them in their bulk section. They sell much of their bulk stuff in these huge barrels. Just as the produce, the prices are a deal. When I was there they were selling kernels of popcorns for 69 cents a pound. You can also buy dried herbs and spices by the pound. The selection is limited and I wish they had scoops to use, instead of having to pour everything out of the jar it was in. Most grocery stores don’t even offer herbs and spices like this, so I give them credit for doing that.

I also looked over their cheese section. They don’t have the best selection I have seen in a grocery store, but they do have have affordable by the pound prices on your basic cheeses: cheddar, jack, Colby, etc. Speaking of basics, the stores has all the basics you need from meats to pasta. I fell it’s a place I could do all my shopping at and get by. It would be nice to have one of these stores where I live.

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