Review of Good Eats – Squash Court 2

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2010)

good_eats_logo This past Thursday another new episode of Good Eats made it’s way to the airwaves. The topic was summer squash. I was puzzled at the timing of this episode. This is a perfect episode to air in the summer time, when people’s gardens are bursting with summer squash. Still summer squash can be found year around in supermarkets, so these recipes can still be used.

The episode opens with Alton talking about the different types of summer squash with some of his classic background history. He makes a Zucchini salad. I am not that big into salads so I won’t try this one myself, but it might be interesting for those that are big into salads. Next up, Alton gives a lesson in mandolins. They are the perfect tool to slice up summer squash into thin slices, perfect for Alton’s recipe for a Frittata featuring summer squash. He used crookneck squash, but I am sure Zucchini could also be used.

Pattypan squash is the next on Alton’s list. They are a small summer squash, perfect for stuffing. He takes some time to explain what a three sisters garden, which all three are a part of this recipe. The three sisters involves planting corn, then planting beans to grow on the corn stalk, and then squash to grow around the corn. Each benefit one another.

The last thing on Alton’s list to talk about is freezing summer squash. It’s best to slice it up, blanch it, and then freeze it individually on sheet pans until frozen, and then into a zip top bag. So if this is something you did earlier in the year when summer squash was plentiful you have some ideas now for what to do with it.

Overall this was an already episode. The only recipe I will probably try is the one for the frittata, which my wife would like to try. Like I previously mentioned the timing of this episode was poor.