Review of Orange County (CA) Farmer’s Markets

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2011)

Last month, I visited 4 different farmer’s markets in Orange County, California. Each market had it’s unique advantages and disadvantages. Below you will find my list of those. Click the the title of each market for my full review.

100_6586Irvine Farmer’s Market (Historic Park at the Irvine Ranch)
Size: Small
Easy to Get To: Near the intersection of I-5 and CA-261. Easy to get to from both.
Parking: The lot is very close by, but the parking is limited.
Quality: Excellent
Additional Comments: This is a small market that has a wonderful selection for it’s size. The citrus vendor offers many different varieties and the Temecula Valley Honey Company offers many outstanding honey varieties.

Market Pic 2Costa Mesa Farmer’s Market (at the Orange County Fairgrounds)
Size: Medium
Easy to Get To: Since it’s located at the fairgrounds there are plenty of signs leading the way. I followed the signs from I-405.
Parking: Huge parking lot, so there is by no means a struggle to find a place to park.
Quality: Good
Additional Comments: This is a decent sized market. There is plenty of space to walk around, so you won’t feel cramped. If you shop near lunch time, you will find plenty of options for your lunch nearby.

Market Pic 1Laguna Hills Farmer’s Market (at Laguna Hills Mall)
Size: Medium
Easy to Get To: Easy access from I-5.
Parking: Since it’s a mall parking lot, there are plenty of spaces.
Quality: Excellent
Additional Comments: I loved the variety at this market. Tons of citrus and strawberry options. As well as the best selection of avocados. The market is set up in a tight square, so you can see everything quickly, however when busy you might feel cramped. It definitely had the least amount of walking space of the 4 markets I visited.

Great Park Market SignIrvine Farmer’s Market (at the Great Park)
Size: Large
Easy to Get To: There is a giant orange ballon in the sky to guide the way.
Parking: Unless you get there early you will have to park, pretty far out. Good spots are limited.
Quality: Good
Additional Comments: The atmosphere at this market was enjoyable. The overall quality of the products wasn’t as good as some of the other markets I visited. Also this market had the worst parking of all 4 markets I went to. Still there is plenty of other things to do here besides the market, so it’s good option for a Sunday afternoon.