Round Romeo Carrots at 6 Weeks

Romeo Carrots 6 Weeks I am now at the 6 week point since I planted my Round Romeo carrots. They are growing pretty good. I decided to thin out some more of the plants. It’s a time consuming process and it’s easy to miss some plants being too close together once they are reached this stage. I just check to be sure each time I am at the garden that my plants have enough space to grow. For now there isn’t much left to do but watch them grow and make sure they are getting the water they need. I can’t say exactly how often you should water your carrots, there are too many variables (wind, rainfall totals, type of soil, etc.). The best thing to do is just regularly keep an eye of them. Test the soil by taking your finger and digging down a little bit into the surrounding soil. If it feels dried out, then give your carrots a drink. Growing carrots requires patience as you can’t see what’s going on underneath the soil. But your patience will be rewarded in the end.

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