Shopping at the Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Markets are a fun place to shop. You find items that you wouldn’t normally find at the big mega mart, and the freshness can’t be beat. One thing that may prevent people from shopping at a Farmer’s Market is that you often have to pay more money for your fruits or vegetables than you would at the big store. Well think about this: do you ever go to a sit down restaurant and pay for fries with your meal? How much did those fries really cost you when you are paying $10 for your entrée? So if your willing to pay more money for fries at restaurant than you would pay for frozen ones at a grocery store, are you willing to pay more money for fruits and vegetables (that are good for you and taste great) at a farmer’s market?


One of the other reasons I like to go to the farmer’s market is that I know that the money I spend is going to someone who needs it a lot more than the mega market does. Although the pint of raspberries I bough isn’t going to help send their kids to college, it’s still better knowing that I helped the little guy.

Some of the things I like to buy at a farmer’s market are: honey, apples, apple cider, peaches, green beans, fresh mozzarella cheese, garlic, berries, broccoli, and sweet corn. Below are links to the markets I have been to here in Michigan. Feel free to send me links to markets in your area and I will post them on the site.


Ann Arbor:’%20Market.aspx

Mt. Pleasant:

Port Huron:

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