Shopping for Apples

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When one shops for clothing, often they look for what looks the best. Comfort is also a factor, but looks is definately #1. When it comes to food, you can’t really apply that same principle or you will end up with a bag of red delicious apples. If you were making a pie with said apples, don’t offer any to me!In fact, I probably won’t even eat the apple straight up. Red delicious might be one of the best looking apples, but when it comes to buying apples (unlike clothes), it’s not about looks. What you really need to consider is what you plan to do with that apple. Are you going to toss it in your lunch bag and chop it down at noon? Do you plan to smash it into oblivion to form homemade sauce? Or might they be heading for a trip into your oven? This is the decision you need to make when picking out your apples.

So how do you know which apple is best for what, especially when they are so many varieties to chose from (which by the way I think is the coolest thing about apples!)? A good supermarket will put up signs telling you what the apple’s best use is. If they don’t, either shop somewhere else, or do you some research online before you leave home. Today most supermarkets offer several varieties, but there are many varieties that you may never find there. That’s why I recommend checking out your local farmer’s market or your local apple orchard. I have seen some varities at these two locales that I never have seen in any store (Jonared at the market, Prime Gold at the orchard) The people that run these places- they know their apples. They will be able to tell you the best use for each variety.

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