Sioux City Berry Berry

Sioux City Berry Berry

This is part of a series of posts on juices and unique drinks that I have come across. Everyone knows the Pepsis and Cokes of this world and many sites cover the wines and beers, but I am bringing to you the rest of the beverage world.

White Rock beverages created their Sioux City line back in 1987. Each flavor has a different picture on the bottle that depicts the Old West. I have often seen these drinks available in tourist places, but they can also be found in grocery stores (I got some at Horrock’s in Lansing). They are famous for their sarsaparilla but today I am reviewing their Berry Berry flavor.

4stars If you like your soda pop to be really carbonated you will be disappointed here. It’s light on the carbonation, which I actually liked. I like the flavor of this drink. It might be too sweet for some. The berry flavor was kind of a raspberry/blueberry combo. I would like to get this drink again.

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