Soup of Flavor vs. Can of Salt

It’s a very common sight in a grocery store to see person after person reaching for can after can of yellowed-ticked soup of the week. Obviously it’s very convenient. Just pop up the can, pour in into your favorite bowl, stick into your microwave, and devour. But what are you devouring? Probably your daily intake of salt.  And what about the flavor? There is flavor there. Take Chicken Noodle Soup for example. The noodles take like chicken broth; the carrots take like chicken broth, the pieces of chicken taste like chicken broth and guess what the celery tastes like?

So how do we manage to have good multi-dimensional flavor as well as be convenient? The first thing you need is a good recipe. That’s right you need to make it yourself. Making soup is not that difficult. I have made chicken noodle, bean, corn chowder, split pea, and lentil soups with rave reviews. The best part of these soups is that the ingredients in them can all be tasted. In my chicken noodle soup, I can taste the flavor of the carrots.

The second thing you need is your freezer. One of the reasons why people buy the can of salt called soup is because of the convenience. But making homemade soup isn’t so convient. Well it isn’t the day you make, but it can be the next day, or the next week. Take some time on a Sunday evening to make a pot of soup, then you can divide the soup into equal portions, pour them into good quality zip top bags and into the freezer. Then next time you need a lunch for work while others are reaching for the can of salt in the pantry, you are reaching for your bag of flavor in the freezer.

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