Sprecher Orange Dream Soda

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2010)

Sprecher Orange Dream Have you ever seen a picture of a cow drinking from orange? You will if you grab a bottle of Sprecher Orange Dream Soda. On the bottle is a cow with a straw sticking into an orange. You can pretty much count on a gourmet soda maker producing an orange cream flavored soda pop. There are so many on the market. So what makes this one different than any other. Like other Sprecher products, this is sweetened partly using honey. The honey adds something that regular old sugar never could.

We looked at what was on the front of the bottle, but there is also a message around the neck. This message says “Enjoy this super citrus drink of natural orange flavors, honey, and vanilla for a creamy, dreamy taste experience that’s over the moon! In your wildest dreams, cows roam the orange groves in search of a starry spot for sitting and sipping a succulent citrus soda. And as with all of our sodas, it’s caffeine free. For your optimum enjoyment, serve in frosted mugs.”

4stars This drink is a winner. no doubt. It has a creamy orange flavor, with the perfect amount of carbonation. Sprecher sure knows how to add bubbles to water! I did not give this drink 5 stars because I do think that the orange cream pop that Frostop makes it superior to this one. But don’t for a minute think this isn’t a worthwhile drink.