Sprecher Root Beer

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2010)

Sprecher Root Beer Oh how I love root beer. There are so many great root beers on the market to choose from. I don’t think I will be ever done reviewing root beers (and that’s a good thing). Today I am going to review a root beer made by Sprecher, who is a brewery out of Glendale, Wisconsin. Their root beer comes either in a 16 oz glass bottle or a 20 oz plastic one. It has a picture of a crow coming out of a crest, holding a bottle of Sprecher and a frosty mug. The ingredient list on my bottle reads like this: carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, malto-dextrin, WI raw honey, natural & artifical flavors, sodium benzoate (preservative), phosphoric acid, quillaia/yucca extract, sodium chloride, caramel color, and vanilla. This root beer is caffeine and gluten free.

4stars I liked this root beer. The flavor was nice, a bit on the sweet side, but in a good way. The carbonation was alright. I had a plastic bottle, so glass would be a better judge of carbonation. It’s not too spicy and goes down well with any meal. I will buy this again.

Where to Buy
Here are a few places where I know you can get Sprecher:
Ski’s Meat Market (Stevens Point, WI)
The Produce Station (Ann Arbor, MI)
Wilson’s Cheese Shoppe (Pinconning, MI)
Hiller’s (Ann Arbor/Detroit area)
Holiday Market (Royal Oak, MI)

Looking to buy it online, check out:
Old 52 General Store Located in Sabin, Minnesota, this store offers Sprecher Root Beer through their online business.

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  1. Recently had one of their 16oz. glass bottles of root beer at the Mad River Brewery in Blue Lake, Humboldt County, CA. It was excellent. Wonderful blend of flavors. Just learned that I can buy Sprecher’s at Total Wine store over on Oracle Rd here in Tucson!

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