Sugarbush Farms – Allen, MI

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2010)

Sugarbush Farms Allen MI

Last week I was traveling from my home in the Ann Arbor area to northern Indiana for my wife’s cousin’s wedding. As we were driving down US 12, we were looking for a quick snack, that is when we came across Sugarbush Farms in Allen, Michigan. The farm has a little store located on site. The store had these following items (this is not a complete list):

pickled items
various Michigan made cheeses
frozen beef
Michigan maple syrup in several different types of containers
maple candy
different types of popcorn kernels
ice cream
flowers, plants, and seasonal items (outside the store)

They also have a menu of hot items you can order for a quick dinner. The woman we spoke with there was very friendly. She highly recommended the popcorn we were buying. We would definately stop in again if we are in the area. If you are in the area, stop in and support a local business. For more information about the store visit:

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  1. I also happened on this place, my sister has a cottage in Reading. I was AMAZED by their new strawberry patch, above-ground state of the art planters, brand new this year. They are organic and Rick, the owner said all their food, vegetables, fruit, meats are grown and raised by them and are organic although not certified. We are very conscious about buying locally grown food whenever possible. We bought the Amish butter (you have not lived until you have tried this butter) and he gave us a free pound of hamburger to try. Great guy, great salesman and he knows that we will go back and spend 10 times that in repeat business and referrals. I wish they were closer to my home in Ypsilanti. He did say that they regularly drive right down US 12 every week and would arrange delivery so I think I will get my sisters in on the act and order some of their meat. Great find, I loved it.

  2. I took a leisurely ride in the country today, it was such a gorgeous day to enjoy this fine weather we are having!

    I made my way to Hog Creek Road and Highway 12, to Sugarbush Farms. They had a huge tent and tons of pumpkins, squash, gourds, apples, hay bales, hay bale maze, animals including baby llamas, goats and free roaming chickens. The flowers (mums) were so gorgeous too! The ice cream was the best, huge cone for the money! I love that place, can’t wait to go back and pick strawberries next season.

    Next, I headed to Hog Creek Antique and Craft Mall, on Highway 12. What an extraordinary and wonderful place that is too! Tons of antiques, great prices and tons of crafts on sale! The antique malls in Allen were closed by the time I made my way towards them, but if it’s nice next weekend, I’ll surely go back.

    So many great places to visit nearby and so close to where I live, just north of Coldwater.

    Beautiful fall day in Michigan!

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