Temecula Valley Honey Co. Orange Blossom Honey

Tecumula Orange Blossom Honey Out of all the varietal honeys available on the market, it seems orange blossom honey is amongst the most popular. Even in places far away from orange trees, like here in Michigan, you can find orange blossom honey on grocery store shelves. When I was last out in California, I visited a farmer’s market in Irvine. There was a vendor there from the Temecula Valley Company. One of the honeys that had was orange blossom. This was the first time I tasted a varietal honey. I couldn’t believe what my tongue was tasting. It was different than the non-varietal honey that I buy at home at my farmer’s market.

Characteristics of this Honey
Color: light golden
Strength: light
Taste: There is definitely a subtle citrus taste to this honey. It’s not an overly robust honey. It has a nice light flavor, that won’t overpower what you put it in.
Uses: It’s great on biscuits or English muffins. I used some as part of a glaze for chicken, along with some Dijon mustard and blood orange juice. This honey would be great on grapefruit or any tart citrus that could use a little sweetness.

Where to Buy
I bought this particular honey at the Irvine Farmer’s Market (Historic Park at the Irvine Ranch) Other brands of orange blossom honey can be found at most grocery stores across the country, as well as through several online sources.

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