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Tiny Heirloom Popcorn
(Last Updated On: May 11, 2017)

Food for Our Brood Finding a nutritious and wholesome snack for our kids that doesn’t take hours to make or cost a fortune is hard to come by. We have discovered a wonderful and quick snack that is not only healthy but delicious too!

Tiny Heirloom non-GMO Popcorn

A non-GMO Snack

Tiny But Mighty popcorn is our new go-to snack for our kids. It is an heirloom variety passed from Native Americans to a pioneer family in 1850. It was almost a lost variety until the 1970s when the last remaining jar of popcorn was planted and a new business was born. Read the whole story at their website.

There are several reasons why we love this popcorn. First of all, it is non-GMO, and that takes a high priority in our family. It is “virtually hull-less” which means that once it is popped the hull or shell has mostly disintegrated. We have young children, and regular popcorn is difficult and even dangerous for them to eat because the risk of a hull getting stuck in their throats. Tiny But Mighty popcorn is so small and tender that we even feed it to our one-year old son. We have never found anything else on the market quite like it!

non-GMO Popcorn

Popcorn is a wonderful way to add more fiber into our kids diet, and they love the way it tastes! My favorite way to prepare it is by placing 1/3 cup of kernels into a brown paper lunch sack. I fold the top over once and place it into the microwave. I have a “popcorn” button in my microwave, and it is just the right time for one bag. My kids will eat the popcorn plain like this, or sometimes I will drizzle some Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and sprinkle some Real Salt onto it. The gobble it up,and it is a guilt free snack for mom and dad too.

non-GMO Popcorn