Toddler Foods

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2009)

This is a special series of blogs on Food & Your Children, written by my wife, Donna Samuelson.

Toddlers are notorious for being picky eaters. They like something one day and throw it at you the next! Through my experiences with young children and my own parenting I have found some great foods that Toddlers almost always love. Here are some great nutritional ideas that you may not have thought of:

 Cream cheese on Graham Crackers- great way to add fat and fiber

Blueberries- excellent finger food high in antioxidants

Rice and vegetables mixed together with shredded cheese on top

Wheat germ- mix it into yogurt for a fun crunch and extra fiber

Large curd cottage cheese- a great finger food with lots of calcium

Apple sticks and peanut butter- Toddlers love to dip!

 Remember- a toddler needs freedom to eat In his own way. It is not realistic to expect a toddler to eat with a spoon well without giving him a chance to experiment. Use a bib and put a plastic mat under the high chair if needed. When your child is able to experience his meal he will be more willing to eat it!!