Tommyknocker Strawberry Creme

Tommyknocker Strawberry Strawberry has to be one of the most used flavors for candies. That is why I am surprised you don’t see more carbonated strawberry drinks (this is the first one I have ever reviewed). I found a 4-pack of Tommyknocker Strawberry Creme on the shelves of Nino Salvaggio in Clinton Township, MI. The bottle has a picture of a white bearded miner on it. The bottle has this written on the side: “Discover the Legend…Tommyknockers slipped into Colorado gold camps with the immigrating Cornish miners during the 1859 rush. These mischievous elves guided many a forunate miner to the “Motherlode”. Renew the legend – share a Tommyknocker Strawberry Creme with a friend.” The drink was bottled by Tommyknocker Brewery in Idado Springs, CO.

The ingredient list reads like this: Carbonated water, pure cane sugar, black currant juice (for color), organic flavors, Tahitian Vanilla Extract, Sodium Benzoate (to preserve freshness), Citric Acid.

4stars This is a great strawberry soda pop. The vanilla flavor I thought was a little different. I am use to Madagascar vanilla, where this used Tahitian vanilla (yes you can tell the difference). Also what might have hurt the drink is that it was the old side (I actually had to brush some dust off the bottles at the stores). Still it had a good flavor with the right amount of carbonation. Hopefully one day I will get to try a fresher bottle.

Where to Buy
The only place I know of was Nino Salvaggio in Clinton Township, MI. If you find it some place else, please leave a comment telling me where.

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  1. I’d love to taste the different vanillas you described. I generally like my soda un-vanillaized, but sometimes it’s a nice creamy treat. I wish I could try a bottle of that — love the little story on the bottle — but have never seen a bottle. The only strawberry soda I’ve been able to find is Crush I think.

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