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Towne Club Strawberry I have had a lot of strawberry flavored things in my life. From candy to milk, strawberry is one of the most popular flavors used. Sadly though it has been difficult to find a truly great strawberry soda pop. I have found a couple good ones like Jackson Hole Strawberry Rhubarb and Tommyknocker Strawberry Creme. Neither of those offered just a pure strawberry taste. So my search continues with a local company. Towne Club sodas are produced in Detroit, Michigan, a short drive my home in the Ann Arbor area. Recently their soda pop has been making a comeback on store shelves in the area, particularly in glass bottles. This past weekend I got to sample their strawberry flavor for the first time. How did it measure up?

4stars This is a pretty good strawberry soda. It was nicely carbonated with a strong strawberry flavor. The carbonation doesn’t overwhelm the flavor, like with most other strawberry flavored soft drinks I have had. I would not mind having one of these again.

Where to Buy
I have seen them in several places in the metro Detroit/Ann Arbor area. I have purchased their products at Holiday Market and Plum Market.

Old 52 General Store You can purchase Towne Club online from the Old 52 General Store. They have strawberry along with cola, grape, orange, peach, and tropical punch. Their physical store is located in Sabin, Minnesota.

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  1. […] Towne Club Towne Club started up in the 1960s. It was unique in that you would go right to the company to buy the pop. You would take a wood case and walk around picking out different flavors. Each case fit 24 bottles. In the 1980s this practice came to an end. Towne Club was suffering on hard times for quite a while. People thought they disappeared. However in recent years they have been making a comeback in a major way. They have a newly designed glass bottle that holds 16 oz and sells for 99 cents. They have introduced 2 new flavors in the last year: Honolulu Blue Cream Soda (referring the blue in the Detroit Lions uniform) and Michigan Cherry, which contains real Michigan cherry juice. Here are the flavors I have reviewed: Michigan Cherry City Rush Strawberry […]

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