Tyler Florence’s Pita Bread

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2011)

Tyler's Pita Bread One night I found myself making Alton Brown’s hummus. But you need something to dip the hummus in. So through the power of Google, I picked out a recipe for pita bread. The one I choose was one from Tyler Florence. I thought might as well as stay in the Food Network family. I have done a couple of his recipes in the past and they have come out well, so I expected the pita bread to as well. This was my first experience making my own pita bread. Below you will find my cooking notes. For the full recipe, visit Food Network’s website.

1. The dough was pretty basic and was easy to put together. The ingredients used are things that I always have on hand. Pita bread differs from other breads in the technique not the ingredients.

2. When the dough is done rising, you divide it into 8 pieces, and roll them out. I had to be careful not to have any creases or seams. So really take your time with the rolling.

3. You will need a pizza stone to cook these on. The key to cooking pita bread is to cook in fast in a very hot oven. The pizza stone will provide for a nice hot surface, with even heating.

4. Tyler recommends putting 2 pitas on the stone, but my stone really only fits one. Don’t crowd them. If you can easily fit two go ahead, but if you can’t just go with one at a time.

5. After 4 minutes of baking my pitas, they puffed up and were lightly golden. Some of them were more of a ballon shape the others. You could leave them in a ballon shape, which is great for placing food inside the pitas. But since the main purpose for my pitas was a way to eat hummus, I flatten mine out before they completely cooled.

Great simple, recipe that produces a delicious product. I might try some other pita recipes to see how they compare, but for now this will be the standard in my house.

Recipe Grade: A-

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