U-Pick Blueberries : Leduc Blueberries in Paw Paw, MI

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2010)

DSCF2264 There are a ton of blueberry farms that dot the state of Michigan. I would love to visit them all, but that isn’t possible. So it’s great when I know of someone who went to a farm I haven’t been to. Recently, some friends of mine visited Leduc Blueberries in Paw Paw, Michigan (11 miles west of Kalamazoo). Unlike other farms I have been u-picking at, this farm sells their blueberries by the tub. It costs $9 for the tub and you pay up front. Then you can put in as many blueberries as you can fit. My friend said it was about 7 pounds. Doing the math that works out to about $1.29 a pound, which makes it cheaper than some other farms.

When you are ready to pick, they assign you to a section to pick from. It is a large farm, so even the sections are still pretty big. One thing to note is that this farm sprays their berries. So you want to make sure you rinse them with water before consuming. Don’t rinse the berries until right before you use them as wet berries will not last as long.

My friend said the picking wasn’t as easy as a place she visited earlier in the season, as these bushes are starting to run low. I found out from the farm website, that this Saturday (August 7) will be the final day for picking.

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