Uses for Fresh Pomegranates

(Last Updated On: February 29, 2012)

Pomegranates One of the strangest looking fruits you will find in your local supermarket has to be the pomegranate. The only thing more strange is the inside of the fruit, containing a membrane packed full of tiny juice sacs called arils. These are arils can have a number of different culinary uses. They can be used to make a glaze for meats, in desserts, in salads, or just plain eat out of hand. On this page, I am going to track some of my favorite uses for the pomegranate. Check back as I will continue to add more recipes as time goes on. Pomegranate season usually runs from October through December, so it is one of the flavors of the Christmas season. You can even find Pomegranate flavored 7-Up this time of year.

Pomegranate Applesauce
One thing I loved about making your own applesauce is you can add whatever you feel like. Last time I match a batch I decided to throw in a cup’s worth of arils to add more flavor and nutrition to my sauce. Click here for the recipe.

More recipes to come!