Vidalia Sweet Carrots

Every year, onion lovers anticipate the Vidalia onion season. These onions are known for their sweetness. But this is not the only produce you may see in your stores this year with that name. I recently discovered Vidalia Sweet Carrots at Westborn Market in Berekley, Michigan. I picked up 2 2-lb bags for $2 a piece. The carrots were skinner than most carrots I buy.

These carrots were grown in the same spot as the famous onions. The low amounts of sulfur in the sandy soil is what produces these sweet treasures. The name “Vidalia” is only allowed to be associated with onions and carrots grown in 20 Gerogia counties. Farmers in the area are hoping that the carrots will take off in popularity like their onion counterparts. The marketing of Vidalia Sweet Carrots is relatively a recent thing, with some growers doing it for the first time this season.

I was excited to give these carrots a try. So I peeled and boiled some up. I served them with a pinch of salt, a little bit of honey, and some fresh tarragon straight from my herb garden. My taste buds did indeed dedicate a strong, sweeter flavor in these carrots. The only other carrots I have had that were close to this flavorful and this sweet where either from my own garden or a farmer’s market. They beat the typical carrots I find in the store.

Where to Buy Vidalia Sweet Carrots
I purchased mine at Westborn Market in Berkeley, Michigan. I have heard reports of them being available at Kroger stores in the Atlanta area. Also Festival Foods in Mauston, Wisconsin says they have them. If you have spotted these carrots I would love to hear where you buy them from. Leave a comment below.

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  1. Juliet T Gilbert says:

    I purchased my first 2-Lb. bag of Vidalia Carrots at my local KROGER Store in Aiken, South Carolina. I discovered these carrots to be the BEST I HAVE EVER HAD!!! I went back to my Kroger store and purchased a 5-LB bags of Vidalia Carrots! These carrots are superior! When I was just about to run out of the 5-LB bag of Vidalia Carrots, I went back to KROGER; I was so disappointed I was not able to find them! I was told that at this time, my local KROGER no longer carries Vidalia Carrots.

  2. Unfortunately they are NOT available year round. Hopefully you can find them again next year.

  3. Does anyone know where I can purchase Vidalia carrots in the Daytona Beach area of Florida? If not there, than can we drive up to Statesboro and purchase them off the farm?

  4. Eric Samuelson says:

    They are usually easier to find in the spring time when Vidalia onions also hit the stores.

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