Vince and Joe’s Gourmet Market – Shelby Township, MI

Vince and Joe

This is part of a series of posts on grocery stores that I have been to and would recommend to those that live in the area to check them out.

For over a year I had been seeing Vince and Joe’s Gourment Market, mentioned on segments on Channel 7’s Action News (Detroit). The store looks impressive on TV, so when I finally had the chance, I made a stop in their store. Some background information on the store: Vince and Joe’s started in November 1983 by Vince, Domenica, Joe and Maria Vitale. Their first location opened up in Clinton Township, MI. In October of 2006, they opened up a 2nd location in Shelby Township on 25 Mile Road and Van Dyke. The store is indeed impressive. It is laid out differently than the standard mega mart. You don’t get the feeling of walking up one long aisle, then turning and walking up another one.

The store has some great sales on produce, meat, and cheese. They have a great selection of cheese, with plenty to sample. One of the coolest features about the store is that they have terminals throughout the store that you can use to order what you want from the deli. So you can walk into the store, make your order, and then when you are ready to go, stop by the deli, grab your order, and go! No waiting in long lines, which is what you might otherwise do in this popular store.

In the center of the store, they have a section where you can buy pizza, sandwiches, and soup. They have a counter with chairs you can eat at too. My wife and I grabbed a couple drinks and a couple slices of pizza and ate our lunch right there. The pizza is great and you get a huge slice for $2. (See picture below of a slice my wife was enjoying!).

Vince and Joe Pizza Slice

So if you are in Shelby Township or near their first location on Garfield and Canal in Clinton Township, stop by Vince and Joe’s and you will have a fun grocery shopping experience to tell.

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  4. Tony Ventimiglia says:

    I highly recommend that you check-out cantoro italian market in livonia they are located on middlebelt just south of 8mile on the eastside of the street parking is tight but the store is amazing

  5. Thanks for the tip, I will look into it.

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