I Want Your Cotton Candy Grape Story

Share your best Cotton Candy grape story with the world.
(Last Updated On: September 14, 2017)

Share your best Cotton Candy grape story with the world.

I have written a lot about Cotton Candy grapes. I mean a lot. A bunch even! Talked about my first taste, where to find them, how they came into existence, I have visited their vineyards (twice), and I have talked about them coming from south of the border. There is a good reason I have talked so much about these grapes. Their delicious. People, we have grapes now that actually taste like cotton candy. Cotton Candy grapes have set the produce world on fire. I believe they have opened up new possibilities for seedless table grapes in stores. That is something to jump for joy for. It gives our children a hope for a future without flavorless grapes.

Find Cotton Candy grapes near me
Don’t you want to just reach through your screen and grab a bag of those grapes? Too bad that technology hasn’t been invented yet. But hey at least we do have grapes that taste like Cotton Candy 🙂

With all that writing under my belt, I thought it’s YOUR turn. That’s right. I want to hear from you – the Cotton Candy grape fans. I want to hear…

🍇 About your first time trying them (when and where)

🍇 The lengths that you have gone or driven to get a hold of them (anyone go over 100 miles?)

🍇 What you have done with them besides just gorging on them directly from the bag (freeze them? put them in salad?)

🍇 The best responses other people have had to their first taste (only responses I won’t have to censor, my oldest daughter can read now)

I want to hear from YOU!

What I am planning on doing is within the next or two, I am going to publish the top 5 very best stories. What do you win? Fame? Fortune? Riches? All those things, that a food blogger is able to pour out to you. Which basically comes down to sharing your story and giving you a FREE copy of my e-book “Fruits of their Labor” in a somewhat shameless plug for my book and concept (but, hey at least I am honest about it). Also I will plug 🔌 anything you want me to. Got a favorite charity or a cause your passionate about? I will share that. Got a blog of your own and want to attract a few more readers, you got it! Or you just want to tell the world to look at the 501 pictures of your cat you post a day? Sure why not.

How to Enter

Many ways to enter. Only a few ways to win (actually five). Reach out to me via electronic mail (eric at eatlikenoone.com). You can also leave a comment in the comment section below, sharing your story (make sure to include your email so I can follow up with some questions). Don’t like either of those. Try social media. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. I need your story in by midnight (EST) on Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

Can’t wait to hear from you and your love the grape that bring you back to the fair (or carnival or ball game or whatever you eat too much sugar).

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2 Replies to “I Want Your Cotton Candy Grape Story”

  1. Wish we had more grocery stores up in this no mans land so we could get a variety of fruits and veggies. I’ve looked for these grapes and all we have are the red, black and green. Love your idea for growing peas. I may try it next year. I’ve been buying the honeycrisp apples for many years. We tried growing our own tree. Didn’t work out too good. I think it died. Can’t remember if we even got an apple on it or not. Love your blog on the variety of apples and what they are good for. Also agree with your comment on red delicious apples, they are anything but delicious. Mealy mushy are good words to describe them. They are not like I remember when I was a kid and apple varieties were very limited. We like Granny Smith……cut them up and dip in peanut butter and you have a yummy treat.

  2. I really love to taste this grape but unfortunately, I did not find them. But don’t worry I’m searching them n I’ll definitely taste them. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us.

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