Guide to Costco Steaks to Grill

Let us take you through some of the steaks you can find at Costco that would be great on the grill this Memorial Day.

Of course you can never go wrong with the classic Ribeye. Costco has one of the more affordablle prices on Ribeyes.

On special occasions I have found these huge Tomahawk Ribeye steaks at Costco.

On a tight budget? Pick Top Sirloin Steaks. You can get them for around $7.99/lb

New York Strip steaks are a good option as well. If you can't use all of them in the package, just freeze some for another meal.

Costco also offers thinly sliced NY Strip  steaks that are very quick to cook on the grill.

Want to marinade & grill a steak? Choose flank steaks. They soak up a marinade better than any other steak.

If you want Filet Mignon, for the best value buy a whole tenderloin and cut into steaks yourself.

If you want prime beef, look for the Prime label. Offerings vary but you may find Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin steak, and Top Sirloin. 

You can sous vide steaks to their perfect doneness before you grill. Then get the grill really hot and brown the outside of the steaks. This will save you time & stress. 

You can even do this the day before, but make sure to bring steaks up to room temp before grilling.

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