Where to Buy Sumo Citrus {Mandarins} in 2014?

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2014)

2014 Sumo Citrus Crop

When it comes to produce you can call me a super fan. I readily await with much anticipation the relese of my favorite varieties throughout the year. When it comes to citrus season, nothing beats the excitement of bitting into my first SUMO Mandarin of the year. SUMO bursts forth with a sweet, rich flavor reminiscent to orange ice cream pops. A little background on the SUMO, it is a mandarin that is the size of a navel orange, but peels just as easy as those popular boxes of mandarin with the smiling faces on them. To learn more about them, check out my post – What are SUMO Mandarins

This will be my third season of experiencing this orange wonder. The 2014 season has not got off to a great start. Cold weather in California with a period of freezing temperatures in December has delayed the start of the season to late February 2014. If that wasn’t enough, California has been experiencing a terrible drought. Both of these weather factors has harmed the overall production of SUMO Citrus for this season. Originally they expected production to be up from last year, it appears now that about the same as last year is the best we can hope for.

SUMO Mandarins are still relatively new. The acreage devoted to them makes up less than 3% of the total California manadrin crop. New trees are fruiting each year. The harvest takes place sometime in late January to early February. Then in April the trees blossom and the process begins again.

Below you will find a list of stores that are expected to have SUMO Citrus this season. I got the list from the official SUMO Citrus website, which you should just check out to learn more about my favorite mandarin. Check with each store individually for availability. They won’t be shipping until after Valentine’s Day.

SUMO Citrus Recipes
Sumo Citrus Fudge
SUMO Citrus Fudge
SUMO Citrus Sugar Cookies

Store Listing for 2014

Southern California
Koreatown Plaza Market
Bristol Farms
Whole Foods Market
Nijiya Market
Mitsuwa Marketplace
Santa Monica Farmers Market (every Wednesday)
Assi Super
Grow – The Produce Shop
Gelson’s Markets

Northern California
Lunardi’s Markets
Old McDonald’s Farmers Market
Zanotto’s Family Markets
Nijiya Market
Safeway (select Northern California locations)
Andronico’s Community Markets
Nugget Markets
Berkeley Bowl Marketplace
Capitola Village Market
Monterey Market
Whole Foods Market
Draeger’s Market

Outside California
Nijiya Market
Dan’s Fresh Supermarket
Dorothy Lane Market
Safeway (Select Locations)
Whole Foods Market
Brennan’s Country Farm Market
Eataly NYC
Jungle Jim’s International Market
Earthfare Market
Super 1 Foods Idaho, Montana
Fresh Direct
Baldor Specialty Foods
Kroger (Select Locations)
Metropolitan Market
H Mart
Town & Country Markets
Gourmet Garage
West Side Markets
The Fresh Market
Wegman’s Food Markets
Foodland & Sack & Save Supermarkets Hawaii
Roth’s Fresh Market

4 Replies to “Where to Buy Sumo Citrus {Mandarins} in 2014?”

  1. I found them online from Melissa’s Produce as well!


  2. It second time in my life that I eat SUMO,I am young guy only 62 years old. Last year I was in hospital and our great friend bought Orange SUMO to me. I was like on cloud nine. No meter that one orange is 3-5$ still is cheeper than any of cigarettes or any booze or any drugs. When they start to sell last week I bought 4 for 13.50$, next week I am gonna buy at least six no mete for price because it worth more than gasoline.
    Where I can buy bumper sticker I LOVE SUMO ORANGE.

  3. cliff jones says:

    where can I buy these in Washington state. had them once and they were wonderful fruit the best I have ever eaten.

  4. Eric Samuelson says:

    The season for them is over for this year unfortunately. Look for them again sometime in late January to mid February next year.

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