Who Makes The Best Grape Soda Pop?

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2011)

Nehi Grape Not everyone is a fan, but I love a good grape soda pop. I have tried my good share of them. I recently added a few more to my list: Nehi, Buddy’s, and Towne Club. I will review each of these first, and compare them to what I have had in the past, and then crown one of them the Best Grape Soda Pop!

I have a heard a lot of good things about Nehi grape. I heard it was mentioned many times on the popular TV show MASH. I have tasted Nehi Peach before and enjoyed that one. So going in my hopes were high.

3stars And then my hopes were dashed. I thought it would be a lot better, it was really just ok. Definitely did not live up to the hype. The problem with it, was the flavor didn’t pack the punch I thought it would. That being said, it wasn’t terrible, just not what I was hoping for.

Buddy's GrapeBuddy’s
Buddy’s Grape Soda is made by August Schell Brewing Company from New Ulm, Minnesota. This one caught my eye because it does contain some portion of real grape juice. I was thinking it would have more of a real grape flavor.

3stars Again my hopes were dashed. I couldn’t really tell the grape juice was in there. I tasted this one and Nehi at the exact same time, and it wasn’t hard decide which one I liked better. Nehi gets a slight edge in this battle because the carbonation was a little better. Neither of them had the strong grape flavor I was wanted.

Towne Club GrapeTowne Club
Towne Club is one of two bottlers (Faygo being the other) that produces their drinks in my home state of Michigan. Towne Club has been making a resurgence in area stores in the last couple years. They sell their individual 16 oz glass bottles for 99 cents.

4stars Towne Club did a great job with their grape soda. While the carbonation was tad too much, it made up for it with a nice, strong grape flavor. Not quite the best I ever had, but a good one at a good value.

So neither Towne Club, Nehi, or Buddy’s was able to knock the champion off it’s throne.

NuGrapeThe Number One Grape Soda Pop: NuGrape!
Since 1921, NuGrape soda has been delighting tastes buds of people across the country. The drink is distributed by Big Red Ltd. I first found it with a number of classic/vintage soda pop selling at my local Cost Plus World Market. I was eager to see how it tasted compared to my all-time favorite grape, Faygo.

5stars The best tasting grape pop was able to beat out Faygo, mainly because of how perfectly it was carbonated. I like a nice, small, smooth carbonation, that doesn’t overpower the flavor of the drink, and that is what NuGrape has. The flavor just dances on your taste buds.

A Very Close Number 2: Faygo
Nothing say Michigan like a bottle of Faygo. Everyone who leaves the state, seems to miss Faygo. But with a rise in popularity of vintage glass bottles sodas and businesses like the Old 52 General Store. Faygo can now be found in many different parts of the country.

5stars Faygo Grape is one of the best out of the entire Faygo line. It has a strong grape flavor, that I never get tired of. And even thought it just barely got beat out by NuGrape, I still consider it a 5 star beverage that I seek out when it’s on sale in a local grocery store.

There are still plenty of grape sodas left to try. Will any of them knock NuGrape off the throne? Only time will tell.

A Couple More Grape Sodas to Mention
2stars Stewart’s Grape Soda is the worst Stewart’s drink I have had. Did not like the flavor.

4stars Jones Soda Co. M.F. Grape has a nice strong flavor, one of the better Jones Sodas.

Old 52 General Store The Old 52 General Stores carries a wide variety of grape sodas. That list includes Nehi, Buddy’s, Faygo, NuGrape, Towne Club, Boylan’s, Caruso’s Legacy, Flathead Lake Wild White Grape, Frostie Concord Grape, Gamer Soda Grape, Gardena Grape, Goose Island Concord Grape, Grape Crush, Red Rock Grape, Spring Grove Grape, Stewart’s Grape, The Pop Shoppe Grape, and Thomas Kemper Classic Grape. Check website for what’s in stock. You can purchase these drinks online or at their store in Sabin, Minnesota.

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  1. I have a friend that almost had tears in his eyes as he described drinking carbonated Nehi soda as a 12 year old on a hot summer day in Eugene, Oregon, He was 12 in 1958 and still whines that he can’t buy it anymore. So where did you get that bottle of Nehi grape so I can pass it on to him? I would be most grateful for a response.



  2. Jon, you used to be able to buy Nehi at Galco’s soda pop stop. Unfortuantley, stupid California lawyers outlawed anything from West Jefferson Dr. Pepper (the people who bottle Nehi) because the paint had like small trace amounts of lead or something. Really really stupid if you ask me. I remember Nehi peach was the bomb. It was the best peach soda I’ve ever had. I heard some worker at Galco’s saying they were working with W.J. Dr. Pepper in trying to get their sodas back on the shelves in CA. Hopefully sometime soon!!

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