Whole Foods Market Turkey Prices 2015

Whole Foods Market Turkey Prices 2015

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It’s once again that time of year. My favorite time of year to be a food blogger. Why? Because I get to spend the next several weeks talking turkey. What is not to love about that? Up first this season. One of my favorite things to do is share the prices and selection of turkeys in stores across the country. I love seeing what’s going on from coast to coast and sharing that information with you – the blog reader. This season we are going to kick it off with a nationwide look at what Whole Foods Market is offering up in the way of turkeys this season.

Whole Foods Laguna Beach

Why Buy a Turkey at Whole Foods
If you are looking for more than just the cheapest, frozen bird you can find, if you want something organic, or fresh range or one of those really cool heritage birds you may have heard about on TV, then Whole Foods may be the place for you. Each store has a holiday order table, where you can pre-order your Thanksgiving bird and pick it up when you are ready.

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Location and Choices Vary
As it is often in life, it is all about location, location, location. The selection varies based on what region your store is in. Whole Foods is divided into 11 U.S. regions. Some regions have a much larger selection than others. If I had the choice I wish I could have the selection in the western regions. Here is a link to a pdf file showing you how the company is divided up. The selection and price should be very similar within a region, although you will see some “value stores” where prices are lower (the Detroit, Michigan store is usually one of those stores for example). Checking with your local store will give you the best information.

All turkeys sold at Whole Foods have to meet these following standards:

1. 5-Step® Animal Welfare rated
2. No antibiotics
3. No animal by-products in their feed
4. No Added solutions or injections
5. No added growth hormones

Whole Foods sells organic turkey but not all of their turkeys are organic, so make sure you look for the word “organic” if that is what you want. To learn more about organic turkeys, check out my post What is an Organic Turkey?

My Recommendations
Diestel turkeys available in regions 2,3, 5, or 11 (western regions) are highly recommended. Check out my post on 9 reasons to buy a Diestel Turkey. If you live on the east coast, I recommend Jaindl turkeys, who raise a turkey breed unique to their farms with more edible meat per pound. Their turkeys may be found under the Whole Foods Market label but it should read on the packaging “Grown and processed by Jaindl Family Farms”. Check my post on Why You Should Buy a Janidl turkey. You will find a link to a map of what Whole Foods locations carry Jaindl turkeys.

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2015 Whole Foods Market Turkey Price List by Region


Region 1 Pacific Northwest

Prices from a store in Seattle, Washington
Organic Whole Turkey $3.99/lb
Raw Whole Turkey $2.69/llb
Whole Foods Market Whole Turkey $2.49/lb
Mary’s Free-Range Heritage Turkey comes from the Pitman Family Farm and are descended from the first breed of turkeys that existed in the United States. $5.99/lb

Region 2 Northern California

Why Buy Diestel Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Prices from store in San Francisco, California
Diestel Nature Bone-In Half Turkey Breast $5.99/lb
Diestel Nature Bone-In Full Turkey Breast $5.99/lb
Diestel Organic Bone-In Half Turkey Breast $7.99/lb
Diestel Organic Bone-In Full Turkey Breast $7.99/lb
Diestel Non-GMO Project Verified Turkey $3.49/lb
Diestel Heidi Organic Petite Turkeys $4.69/lb
Diestel Boneless Turkey Breast Roast $7.49/lb
Diestel Mediterranean Brined Turkey $4.99/lb
Diestel Original Brined Turkey $4.99/lb
Diestel Lemon Herb Brined Turkey $4.99/lb
Diestel Organic Boneless Turkey Breast Roast $8.99/lb
Diestel Pastured Raised Turkey $5.99/lb
Diestel Petite Turkeys $2.99/lb
Diestel Heidi Organic Turkeys $3.99/lb
Diestel Organic Heirloom Turkeys $4.99/lb
Whole Foods Market Turkey $2.69/lb

Region 3 Southern Pacific

Prices from store in Laguna Niguel (Orange County), California
Mary’s Free Range $2.79/lb
Mary’s Organic $3.99/lb
Mary’s Heritage $5.99/lb
Mary’s Brined Turkey $3.99/lb
Diestel Free Range $2.79/lb
Diestel Heidi’s Hens Organic Turkey $3.99/lb
Diestel Free Range Petite Turkey $3.29/lb
Mary’s Free Range Bone-In Turkey Breast $5.99/lb
Diestel Free Range Bone-In Breast $6.59/lb
Kosher Valley Turkey $3.99/lb
Mary’s Organic Bone-In Breast $7.99/lb
Diestel Heidi’s Hen Organic Bone-In Breast $7.99/lb
Mary’s Boneless Breast $6.99/lb
Diestel’s Free Range Boneless Turkey Breast $7.99/lb
Mary’s Organic Boneless Turkey Breast $8.99/lb
Heidi’s Hen Organic Boneless Breast $8.99/lb

Region 4 Midwest

Prices from store in Ann Arbor, Michigan (this my store!)
Nature’s Rancher Fresh Turkey $2.49/lb
Organic Turkey $3.99/lb
Valerie’s Family Organic Brined Whole Turkey $2.49/lb
Kosher Valley Kosher Turkey $3.99/lb
Bone-in Turkey Breast $4.99/lb
Boneless Turkey Breast $6.99/lb
Organic Bone-In Turkey Breast $6.99/lb

Please note that the stores in Lincoln, Nebraska and Detroit, Michigan have the following special prices:
Nature’s Rancher Fresh Turkey $1.99/lb
Organic Turkey $2.99/lb

Region 5 Southwest

Prices from store in Austin, Texas (the flagship store)
Bone-in Turkey Breast $5.99/lb
Boneless Turkey Breast $7.99/lb
Smoked Turkey $5.99/lb
Diestel All Natural Turkey $3.49/lb
Diestel Heirloom Organic $5.49/lb
Diestel Organic $4.49/lb
Nature’s Rancher $2.99/lb
Organic Bone-In Breast $7.99/lb
Organic Boneless Breast $8.99/lb

Region 6 North Atlantic

Prices from store in Boston, MA
Free Range Herb Rubbed Turkey $3.99/lb
Free Range Plain $2.69/lb
Free Range Brined Turkey $2.99/lb
Free Range Organic $3.99/lb
Koch’s Turkey Farm Heirloom Bronze $3.99/lb
Plainville Free Range $2.99/lb
Boneless Turkey Breast $6.99/lb
Brined, Boneless Breast $6.99/lb


Region 7 South

Prices from store in Atlanta, Georgia
Whole Organic Turkey $3.99/lb
Whole Foods Market Fresh Turkey $2.69/lb
Organic Bone-In Turkey Breast $5.99/lb
Bone-In Turkey Breast $4.99/lb
Bells & Evan Whole Brined Turkey $2.99/lb

Region 8 Florida

Prices from store in Miami, FL
Plainville Fresh Bone-in Turkey Breast $6.99/lb
Plainville Boneless Netted Turkey Breast $7.99/lb
Organic Fresh Turkey $3.99/lb
Fresh Brined Turkey $2.99/lb
Kosher Valley Fresh $3.99/lb

Region 9 Mid-Atlantic

Prices from store in Columbus, Ohio
Fresh Brined Turkey $2.99/lb
Fresh Boneless Turkey Breast $6.99/lb
Fresh Whole Heirloom Bronze Turkey Non-GMO Verified $3.69/lb
Fresh Bone-In Turkey Breast $4.99/lb
Whole Free Range Turkey $2.69/lb
Fresh Kosher Turkey $3.49/lb
Fresh Organic Turkey $3.99/lb


Region 10 Northeast

Prices from store in New York City, NY
Whole Foods Market Free Range Brined $2.99/lb
Whole Foods Market Free Range $2.69/lb
Whole Foods Market Organic Free Range Turkey $3.99/lb
Plainville Turkey $2.99/lb
Plainville Organic $3.99/lb
Koch’s Free Range Heirloom Bronze $4.99/lb
Kosher Valley Turkey $3.99/lb
Plainville Brined Turkey Breast $6.99/lb (bone-in), $7.99/lb (boneless)
Plainville Turkey Bone-In Breast $5.99/lb
Plainville Boneless Breast $6.99/lb

Region 11 Rocky Mountain

Prices from store in Denver, Colorado
Brined Turkey $2.99/lb
Nature’s Rancher $2.49/lb
Diestel’s Natural $3.99/lb
Diestel’s Non-GMO Project Verified $3.89
Diestel’s Petitie Whole Turkey $3.99/lb
Kosher Valley Farms $3.99/lb
Diestel’s Organic $4.99/lb
Diestel’s Organic Heirloom $6.99/lb
Diestel’s Step 5+ Pasture Raised $6.99/lb

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