Whole Foods Market Turkey Prices 2017

Welcome to the 2017 edition of Whole Foods Market Turkey Prices! Each year I like to highlight the turkeys you can get at Whole Foods stores across the country. The biggest question this year for Whole Foods fans is how will Amazon’s takeover of the company effected the price of those turkeys? Let’s dig in and find out.

Organic Turkeys

There are people who I know have assumed that because it is at Whole Foods it must be organic. That is not even close to be true. Whole Foods does have more organic options than i believe other stores have. If you want an organic turkey, you must make sure it is an organic turkey. Check here to learn more about organic turkeys.

Selection Varies

As you will see in the list below, the selection at Whole Foods varies by what region you are in. Some regions have a lot of choices, especially if you live on the west coast. Some regions only have a few (like where I live in Michigan). To find out what region your store is in, check out this handy dandy map.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to take a moment address some frequently asked questions from last year.

Are Whole Foods Turkey Frozen?

All the turkeys you find on the list below are fresh, not frozen. That being said in past years I have seen frozen turkeys in the store, usually going for $1.99/lb. The frozen turkeys don’t seem to make it on their pre-order lists, which everything I am going to be listing below does.

Can You Buy Fresh Turkey Breast

Yes you can. Each store will have at least a bone-in turkey breast option. Some stores do boneless as well. You are going to pay a lot more per pound for just turkey breast. The prices range from $4.99 to $8.99 a pound. I only recommend buy a turkey breast if you don’t want any dark meat. Don’t do so to save money by buying a small turkey. You would be better off getting a small whole turkey. Freeze the leftovers if you don’t want all that meat.

What is the Cost of Organic Free Range Turkeys

Most stores don’t have an organic free range option. I did see one that was $3.99. They do have plenty of organic turkeys and some stores have a free range that aren’t certified organic. Those turkeys are going for around $2.69/pound.

How Much Does a Non-GMO Turkey Cost?

For turkeys are non-GMO, which means the feed that turkey ate was non-GMO, you can expect to at least pay $2.69/pound. Any turkey that is organic has to also be non-GMO. A few of the turkeys on the list are non-GMO but not organic.

Has Amazon Had an Effect on Turkey Prices at Whole Foods?

At the first all the prices seem to be the same as in past years. Then Whole Foods announced some price reductions including a deal for those that have a Prime membership. Read more in the link below.

2017 Whole Foods Market Turkey Price List by Region

Region 1 Pacific Northwest

Prices from a store in Seattle, Washington

Turkey Price
Whole Raw Turkey $2.69/lb
Organic Raw Turkey $3.99/lb
Heritage Raw Turkey $5.99/lb
Bone in Raw Turkey Breast $7.99/lb

Region 2 Northern California

Why Buy Diestel Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Prices from store in Sonora, California

Turkey Price
Diestel NonGMO Turkey $3.49lb
Diestel Organic Turkey $3.99/ln
Heirloom Organic Turkey $4.99/lb
Nature's Rancher Turkey $1.89/lb
Mary's NonGMO Turkey $2.69/lb
Brined Diestel Turkey-Origional $4.99/lb
Diestel Brined Turkey-Lemon Herb $4.99/lb
Diestel Brined Turkey-Mediterranean $4.99/lb
Smoked Diestel Turkey (14lbs) $99.99

Region 3 Southern Pacific

Prices from store in Laguna Niguel (Orange County), California

Turkey Price
Diestel Smoked Turkey (12-14lbs) $6.99/lb
Mary's Organic Whole Turkey $3.99/lb
Diestel Organic Turkey $3.99/lb
Organic DIestel Heirloom Turkey $4.99/lb
Mary's Air Chilled Heritage Turkey $5.99/lb
Diestel Turkey $2.79/lb
Mary's NonGMO Whole Turkey $2.69/lb
Mary's Brined Turkey $4.49/lb
Mary's Organic Turkey Bone In Breast $7.99/lb
Mary's Free-Range Bone-In Turkey Breast $5.99/lb
Mary's Organic Boneless Turkey Breast $8.99/lb
Mary's Boneless Turkey Breast $6.99/lb
Diestel Organic Boneless Turkey Breast $8.99/lb
Diestel Turkey Bone-In Breast $5.99/lb
Diestel Boneless Turkey Breast $6.99/lb

Region 4 Midwest

Prices from store in Ann Arbor, Michigan (this my store!)

Turkey Price
Bone-In Turkey Breast $4.99/lb
Heritage Turkey $6.99/lb
Organic Turkey $3.99/lb
Whole Turkey $2.69/lb
Brined Turkey $2.69/lb
Smoked Turkey (6lb) $39.99

Region 5 Southwest

Prices from store in Austin, Texas (the flagship store)

Turkey Price
Nature's Rancher Whole Turkey $2.69/lb
Organic Bone-In Turkey Breast $7.99/lb
Organic Boneless Turkey Breast $8.99/lb
Diestel All Natural Turkey $2.69/lb
Diestel Organic Turkey $3.99/lb
Heirloom Turkey $4.99/lb
Bone-In Turkey Breast $5.99/lb
Diestel Smoked Turkey  $5.99/lb

Region 6 North Atlantic

Prices from store in Boston, MA

Turkey Price
Free Range Turkey $2.69/lb
Oven Ready Turkey $3.99/lb
Brined Turkey $2.99/lb
Organic Fresh Whole Turkey $3.99/lb
Plainville Farms Turkey $2.99/lb
Heirloom Turkey $3.99/lb
Bone-In Split Turkey Breast $5.99/lb
Boneless Turkey Breast $6.99/lb

Region 7 South

Prices from store in Atlanta, Georgia

Turkey Price
Smoked Turkey (10lbs) $69.99
Antibiotic-Free Raw Turkey $2.49/lb
Bone-In Turkey Breast $4.99/lb
Brined Turkey $2.99/lb
Heritage Turkey $3.99/lb
Organic Turkey $3.49/lb

Region 8 Florida

Prices from store in Miami, FL

Turkey Price
Bone-In Turkey Breast $6.99/lb
White Oak Heritage Turkey $6.99/lb
Organic Whole Turkey $3.99/lb
Whole Foods Organic Turkey $3.99/lb
Nature's Rancher Whole Turkey $2.69/lb

Region 9 Mid-Atlantic

Prices from store in Columbus, Ohio

Turkey Price
Whole Organic Turkey $3.99/lb
Antibiotic Free Turkey $2.69/lb
Heirloom Bronze Turkey $3.69/lb
Whole Kosher Turkey $3.49/lb
Raw Bone-In Turkey $4.99/lb


Region 10 Northeast

Prices from store in New York City, NY

Turkey Price
Heirloom Bronze Turkey $3.99/lb
Organic Turkey   $3.99/lb
Kosher Valley Turkey $3.49/lb
Oven Ready Turkey $3.99/lb
Plainville Turkey $2.99/lb
Whole Foods Market Free-Range Turkey $2.69/lb
Whole Foods Organic Free-Range Turkey $3.99/lb
Whole Foods Free-Range Brined Turkey $2.99/lb
Bone-In Turkey Breast $5.99/lb
Plainville Farms Boneless Turkey Breast $6.99/lb
Plaineville Farms Bone-In Turkey Brined Breast $6.99/lb
Plainville Farms Boneless Turkey Breast Brined $7.00/lb

Region 11 Rocky Mountain

Prices from store in Denver, Colorado

Turkey Price
Organic Bone-In Turkey Breast $7.99/lb
Whole Pasture-Raised NonGMO Turkey $5.99/lb
Whole Organic Turkey $3.69/lb
Whole Turkey   $2.69/lb
Bone-In Turkey Breast $5.99/lb
Diestel Smoked Turkey From $49.99

Must Have Thanksgiving Tools

As a Thanksgiving bonus, I wanted to share with you my favorite tools that will make your Thanksgiving easier. 

  1. Probe thermometer – Stick the probe in your turkey and take the guess work out of when it’s done
  2. Roasting Pan with Rack – For cooking the turkey in and finishing the gravy in
  3. Electric Knife – For carving the turkey, also good to slice bread
  4. Ricer – The secret to fluffy mashed potatoes
  5. Heating Pad – Can be used to keep food warm, especially good to wrap rolls or bread in

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