Why are Early Peaches Clingstones?

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2011)

“This article was authored exclusively for Eat Like No One Else by Pearson Farm, a fifth-generation family farm producing the best Georgia peaches that are shipped directly from our orchard to your front door.”

Many people are aware that there are a variety of peaches available for them to purchase. Some can even tell you that clingstones are good for canning. This variety of peach has a firm texture which makes them ideal for preserving and storing for later consumption.

Clingstones are known for a clear juice, bright color and ability to maintain shape when stored. Their pits are often described as being like wood and have a unique way of clinging to the peach flesh that surrounds them.

These peaches become available during the first part of the harvest season, which typically begins in May each year. Because of their viability in jelly, desserts and other canned applications they are rarely found at your local market.

These soft peaches have a wonderfully sweet taste. These early peaches are clingstones because of their genetic traits, part of their breeding from the early days when the variety was created.