Widmer’s Colby Cheese Review

Price: $4.99/lb
Strength: Mild
Purchased At: Holiday Market (Canton, MI)
Would Buy Again: Yes

Back in the spring time of 2010, my family and I made a trip to Madison, Wisconsin. One of the sites I wanted to see was Fromagination, a cheese shop located near the capital in Madison. It was one of the best cheese shops I had ever been in. We bought some cheese to eat there right on the spot. We wanted some that was truly Wisconsin, so we select a Colby cheese made by Widmer’s. We found some seating just outside the shop and went to work on a deliciously cheese with an amazing texture. I thought so this is what Colby cheese is suppose to taste like.

Ever since that day I have been searching around my area to find a Colby that could match up to that experience. But that day never seemed like it was going to come. Until I was doing some shopping at Holiday Market in Canton, Michigan. To my surprise, there were two blocks of Widmer’s Colby cheese in their cheese case. I was overjoyed to find it. It was the feeling you get when you find someone around your house that you have been missing for months. I couldn’t wait to get home, and slice up some of these goodness. Again my taste buds were brought back to that warm May day in Wisconsin. I made it back to Holiday Market last month, and purchased 4 more packages. I hope they keep this cheese always in stock!

The people that make this cheese (Widmer’s) has been in the cheese making business since 1922. The company is run by Joe Widmer who is 3rd generation cheesemaker. It is located in Theresa, WI. You can visit their website for more information.

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