Wilmot Farms Colby Jack Cheese

Wilmot Farms Colby Jack

Ah that wonderful combination of colby and monterey jack that is co-jack cheese. I was searching at Meijer, a major grocery chain in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky, for some cheese I could purchase there. I usually don’t buy cheese there as I don’t like what they have available. But what they usually do have that I might buy I didn’t like the price. That is until I found a half moon shaped chunk of colby jack with the name Wilmot Farms on it. I could not find any information about the company online. Not sure if Wilmot Farms is a real place or not. All I know is from the side of the package that says it is distributed by Deli Source, Inc out of Antioch, Indiana. I looked up a website for Deli Source only to find that the site is under construction & coming soon.

So what about the taste of the cheese itself? It has a creamy texture that almost melts in your mouth. It also has enough sharpness to give it a little bite without being overpowering, which is good for those that don’t like really sharp cheese. So I would say that is mild in flavor. This is a good eating cheese, I wouldn’t use it for melting, or really any colby jack cheese for such a purpose as you really want a sharper cheese for melting purposes.

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