Winter Prep for Growing Vegetables

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2010)


Today, we got the biggest snowfall we have had so far this winter. So why am I writing about growing vegetables today? Because now is the perfect time to be thinking about what you want to grow this year. Below is my list of tips for right now to make your gardening this year easier.

1. Choose your seeds. This is the time to start looking around for seeds. If you plan to order anything online I would plan to do it now. You don’t want to be ordering seeds when you are just days away from being able to plant them. Plus this is the time to do research. Found out what is available out there, that you might want to grow. You can check out my post on new seeds from Burpee to get some ideas.

2. Think about what worked last year and what didn’t. You don’t want to be at the store and forgot that you didn’t have good results with the seeds that you have in your hand.

3. Make a budget. Think about how much money you will have to put into your garden this year. Are you going to add a new raised bed? Do you need to buy fencing to keep out pests? Plan this out now, so that you don’t overspend later.

4. Make a calendar. For those that wish to get a head start by starting their seeds indoors, you need to know exactly when to do that. Find out when your frost free day is and plan accordingly. You also need to know which cold season crops and what warm season crops you are going to grow. You will miss a golden opportunity to start broccoli, peas, and cabbages if you plant them too late. Also it is good to make your plan when you are going to work on your garden. Do you have a lot of events taking place in the spring? Plan around those events, so that you will be on time with your gardening.

I think the most important thing about following these tips is it helps you take one step at a time. Growing your own food can be an overwhelming task if you let it. By having a game plan, you can reduce your stress and make the whole process more fun. While timing is important, you do have some leeway. But you still don’t want to miss you on an opportunity to grow something because you didn’t plan ahead. I think a lot of people miss out on growing the vegetables that can start in the cold weather, because they weren’t on the ball. I loved being able to have fresh sugar snap peas in the middle of June last year while a lot of people had just planted for the first time a couple weeks eariler.

Growing your own food should be fun, so now is the time to begin that fun and lessen your stress later. Tune in for more gardening tips as we get closer to the start of the growing season.