Yellow Edible Pod (Snow) Peas

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2011)

Yellow Snow Peas I received a catalog from John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds this evening. I wanted to share something I discovered – yellow edible pod peas. These are snow peas. They are the flat peas that you can eat pod and all. Yellow split peas are readily available, but I have never seen a fresh yellow pea. The variety is called “Golden India Edible Pea Pod”. It is an heirloom variety. The vines can grow to 6′ tall, so they need some kind of support. No matter what heights the peas I am growing are suppose to grow to, I always give them support. Not only are these peas are unique color, but the flowers that appear before the peas are two-toned purple. Growing these would be a beautiful addition to my garden. Plus I like to grow different varieties of peas in the same area, and if I had yellow peas it would be easy to tell which peas are which.

Besides just the appearance outdoors, I live different colored vegetables for indoor use (that is cooking). I love making up a medley of carrots and green beans. The two contrasting colors makes the dish more appealing. Even more so when I add in some yellow wax beans. So a mix of green and yellow peas would look good on the plate.

If you wish to purchase these peas, click here for the Kitchen Garden Seeds catalog.

Another option is to buy them from Planet Natural’s website. They offer free shipping on heirloom seeds.

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  1. I was researching yellow peas in the pod and found your message. I bought some seeds from the “seed lady” on salt Spring Island in Canada. They are growing in my back yard and look like this picture in your site. The foliage is green but the pods are yellow? I’m not sure I understand why or if they will be edible. the flowers are purple as you described.

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